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Romance Club – Stories I Play
App Name Romance Club - Stories I Play
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Update April 10, 2022 (3 months ago)

A game doesn’t have to be realistic or full of action or fast-paced: It can simply be a visual novel that explores the other side of life in which you are blessed with all the best relationships, friends, and family members who will look out for your happiness. We call it Romance Club and we invite you inside this exciting new world where you – the main character – will find true romance!

Romance Club APK Mod Premium Unlocked

  • Customize your avatar and design your outfit
  • Fall in love, romance, and date cute guys and girls
  • Develop relationships with your favorite characters – will they be friends or enemies?
  • Make choices that can change your fate
  • Immerse yourself in different worlds from love and drama to fantasy and adventure

What story will you choose first?

DRACULA: A LOVE STORY – A whirlwind of palace secrets of the Ottoman Empire, love and hatred of the crown princes, and also friends and enemies who’ve been living for an eternity…

HEAVEN’S SECRET – “I died and got into the angels and demons academy. Hellish lectures, angelic guys, and a temptation to break Heaven’s rules — what else awaits in this fantastical yet dangerous world?”

LEGEND OF THE WILLOW – A young woman is training to become a geisha, but she turns to kitsune, a werefox. Now she’s being chased… not only by humans.

LOVE FROM OUTER SPACE – A prince from a faraway star has been betrayed, and now planet Earth is his new home. A normal girl who’s an outsider in a new town comes to his aid.


Romance Club offers a collection of visual stories, where you are at the center of it all. With the myriad paths that lead to different ends, you play a key role in creating story knots and guiding them down the direction you want. If you’re a fan of popular free-to-play publishers like Episode: Choose Your Story or Your Story Interactive, then surely you know by now how simple romance games typically play out – as interactive fiction novels with multiple endings depending on your choices.

Once you start experiencing each story, you’ll run into a cast of characters, chat with them together, participate in activities with them, and interact with them along the way – in other words, directly herd their events! Whatever decisions arise from these questions or particular situations, at any given time the game will give several options for appropriate answers when prompted. You can choose from among those answers to continue with the flow of each story.

The gameplay that is presented in this article is quite unconventional and it may indeed be difficult to predict its course from one move to the next. However, we would like to assure you that underneath it all there are tactics that you can put into place which will allow you to gauge your opponents’ current dilemma. For example, if the player in front of you has been turned down for a job proposal, there’s no doubt in our minds that he or she will fail miserably on any future endeavors, so try not to bend over backward trying to get such a person’s approval as they will have zero interest in establishing a meaningful relationship with someone who’s only out for themselves!

Customize of character

Romance Club has a currency system and most people think it’s used to buy Premium Choices, but that’s not necessarily true! There are also accessories you can purchase like clothes, jewelry, hairstyles, and more. These fashionable items will make your character look beautiful and gorgeous which is ideal for when you’re trying to attract those cute guys!

Romance Club is a fun and exciting game that lets you build relationships with characters who want to be romanced. You can send them tons of presents like diamonds and coffee cups. These are actually used to buy clothes, hairstyles, jewelry, etc., but they’re really just super fun presents to give your friends in the game! The more you buy for yourself and others, the cuter everyone will look on the Dance Floor!

Write a romantic love story

Choices: Stories You Play or Episode – Choose Your Story are the most popular choices for virtual novel games competing in this genre. However, it has been a long journey from its origins in Japanese visual novels. The developer successfully creates a story and deeply dug into every aspect. Romance Club goes in the opposite direction, offering lots of different stories to choose from, although each story content is not as long as many developers have done with their own offerings.

Dracula: A Love Story has them both beat when it comes to content length, with only having around 100 different paths but each path feels like its own unique story due to how fleshed out some or all of the characters are as well as its unique plot twists (depending on which path you take). It’s here that we can see that depth can make stories feel long even if they aren’t!


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