Google Find My Device APK 2.4.065 Download for Android

Google Find My Device
App Name Google Find My Device
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Update April 15, 2022 (3 months ago)
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Google Find My Device APK helps users optimize issues related to managing and locating their devices from anywhere. This app is very useful in situations such as lost or stolen smartphones. What are its special features? Let’s see what it has in this article.

Google Find My Device: Introduce yourself

Google Find My Device – Great tool to locate lost devices

Many things can happen to mobile devices. The most common is the theft or loss of the device. It is possible to locate it if you keep it safe, such as at work or home. Sometimes it can be lost or stolen by criminals.

Google Find My Device APK 2.4.065 Download for Android

Google Find My Device also comes in handy here. Google LLC is the creator of this application. This application will assist you in reducing the risks by providing useful features. This application’s main purpose is to locate mobile devices in real-time. We are confident that it will be a great tool for you, with more than 100,000,000 installed on Google Play.

Notes before you use

We want you to be able to use Google Find My Device with ease. You will typically find the following information:

  • It is very secure to grant access to the app (including Location and Contacts access) and it does not affect any of your data.
  • Android version 2.2 and higher is required for the device.
  • During use, the entire device must be connected to GPS or the internet.
  • Sign in to the same Google account as you use on your devices.
  • Devices that wish to be tracked must activate Google Find My Device following successful installation.

These are the only notes we have for you. Let’s now learn more about the application’s features.

Real-time device locating

Google Find My Device APK 2.4.065 Download for Android

Users can activate Google Find My Device by installing it on the devices they wish to manage. Then, all users have to do is turn the application on. A map that looks similar to Google Map will then appear on your screen. Users can also easily view all information about the device and location.

This map can be used to locate your device and determine the locations. The information is clearly displayed, with several options available for users. Statistics show that the location information is extremely accurate with only a deviation of about 20 meters. The accuracy will continue to improve in future versions.

Listen to audio announcements

Google Find My Device APK 2.4.065 Download for Android

Google Find My Device offers an audio notification feature that makes it easier for users to locate their lost device. This feature can be activated in the app even if your device is not in use. The audio playback lasts approximately 5 minutes. This is very useful for quickly finding your device. You can either turn off the ringer or restart the device once it is found.

Remotely wipe data and lock screen

Google Find My Device supports remote screen erasing. You can use the screen lock feature to prevent a stranger from accessing your device for criminal purposes. Google Find My Device will also create a layer with login passwords immediately on the device to stop crooks from accessing it.

Remote Erase can be accessed to erase all important information. In case of theft, the remote erase feature will quickly wipe out all your sensitive information. Both of these features can help to limit the possibility of your phone being stolen.

This application allows users to see the battery status or other details on each connected device via Google Find My Device.

Google Find My Android APK Download

Google Find My Device APK 2.4.065 Download for Android

While it doesn’t have many features, Google Find My Device can help you reduce the chance of losing your device. This app allows you to manage all your mobile devices. We cannot guarantee that your device will be found in all situations. Believe me, even 1% of people will find their lost mobile devices.


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