Busuu APK v22.5.0.658 (MOD Premium Unlocked)

By | February 27, 2022

The Busuu APK for learning languages was first launched in May of 2016. It quickly established itself as a successful tool for learning and teaching at the world’s most prestigious universities. This is a new precedent for language learning mobile apps.

The reason is that, since 2015 before the debut, Busuu has partnered with McGraw-Hill Education, one of the biggest educational institutions in the world to develop an official certification system that will assist learners to assess their proficiency in their chosen language after they have studied on the application. The tests cover key topics at levels A1, A2 as well as B1 and B2 from B2 and A1 of the Common European Proficiency Reference Sheet for all Languages (CEFR). If you are able to pass these tests, you will receive a document issued by McGraw-Hill Education.

Busuu APK v22.5.0.658 (MOD Premium Unlocked)

Learn to speak a language online using Busuu to earn a certificate

If you are studying on Busuu You are able to obtain a CEFR Certificate at the conclusion of this course.

The CEFR is the norm for all learners of languages, in case you are looking to invest in your language. As I’ve mentioned earlier Busuu’s entire set of classes, tests, or more comprehensive courses (in total 12 courses to choose from) is based following the basis of the CEFR standards and is recognized in European countries. So, certificates for language that are based on the CEFR standard are reliable and reliable.

How do I get this certificate from Busuu?

In the beginning, you need to use first the Busuu Premium Plus plan. Take all the proficiency tests within the course. Then, you have to achieve the score required at the end of the exam. The results are accessible in a matter of seconds. If you pass, you’ll be awarded a CEFR certification, a soft copy of which you can download to your personal computer or print it out if you want to. Naturally, this certificate was endorsed through McGraw-Hill Education thanks to the special relationship I’ve had with them since the beginning. It is possible to incorporate this certificate into your resume as proof of your current proficiency in the language.

Notice The certificate is valid to prove your level of proficiency in a language. It is not the same as TOEFL, IELTS, or TestDaF, therefore it can’t be used to make visa applications or applications for scholarships in foreign schools.

Busuu APK is currently offering 12 languages classes (English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Japanese …) which combine all four abilities, Listening Reading, Writing and Speaking beginning at beginner, intermediate and advanced. As of now, the application is always updating with new features, enhancing its functions and database. This means that Busuu users can utilize the app to study any foreign language at any time and anywhere provided there’s internet access. In that brief period, you need to concentrate on the directions and exercises in the application.

What makes Busuu different from thousands of other apps for learning languages?

One of the most notable features of Busuu is the ability to work using native speakers. Busuu has developed a vast user base of more than 100 million (and increasing every day) across the world. To assess your language proficiency You can share your writing assignments with native speakers and receive individual feedback. In addition, you can open up the possibility to build relationships, allowing you to meet more people to help you study foreign languages to come back to in the future. Of course, other people are able to learn from your experience in the same way.

Another interesting aspect of Busuu is the way it allows you to teach four different skills in one language. In the case of an unfamiliar word it is easy to find the ways it is utilized in sentences, look at stunning illustrations, and hear how native speakers read using a standard accent and then read it using a microphone. The app will show you what it sounds like as well as how to read it, how to write and how to use it in a sentence.

Furthermore, when you learn a foreign language through Busuu it will provide you with several interesting games, intriguing puzzles, and innovative skill-building exercises which aren’t dull and are still etched on your mind.

Learn to play with moderation, which is the reason I feel happy about Busuu. It helps me stay at a pace that is on the mark (with certificates, tests) and also not too difficult (thanks to the mini-games). All of these make learning a language easier and easier.

Busuu’s pros (personal opinions):

  • There are currently only 12 courses that correspond to 12 different languages.
  • The Plus plan doesn’t include a monthly installment, but it is required to pay at least once every two months.
  • The pronunciation and speaking are less than the writing skills and reading.
  • The overall style for the user interface appears simple and concise, however, the colors are dull.

Is Busuu Premium expensive?

Busuu currently offers two types of usage, either a free plan or a premium service. The free version is usually restricted, while Premium versions include a wide range of exclusive features like the option to select the language you want to study and access all tests and lessons at various levels. In the free version you will find a flashcard for learning basic vocabulary. If you’d like to access the premium version for free you can get the Busuu MOD APK of APKMODY.

Pros and pros of Busuu

What can you expect from Busuu? Busuu:

  • Four language skills to each language, with the most emphasis on Grammars of Busuu, are very easy to grasp.
  • The course is extremely practical and does not go backward. This is something that most other apps for learning languages are unable to do.
  • Reading and listening exercises are thorough and deep.
  • Provide the user with lessons following the proficiency test.
  • Extra feature: connect natives as you learn.
  • The program can track the hours of learning and reminds.
  • It is also the possibility of receiving an official CEFR certificate at the conclusion at the end of each course.

Busuu APKFeatures

Use Conversations to practice speaking with native speakers
Need Spanish, English, or Japanese speaking practice? No matter which language you’re learning, our feature gives you access to feedback from native speakers.

Organize your learning with the Study Plan feature
Wondering how best to learn English, French, Spanish, Japanese, or another language? Let us organize your time for you so you can study whenever suits you.

Never forget a word thanks to the Vocabulary Trainer
Power through learning Japanese, French, or any other language, by retaining as much vocab as possible.

Excel with the Grammar Review feature
Grammar is tricky when learning languages, so whether you’re mastering Japanese or French, let our smart grammar tool help you with the hard bits.

Receive official certification with Busuu language certificates
Applying for a French, English, Spanish, or Italian-speaking job? Show potential employers you speak a foreign language: earn official certificates.

Learn on the go with Offline Mode
Learning languages & got no Wi-Fi? No problem. Download Spanish, English, or Japanese content & study on the move.

Got a question for support?
We respond in 15 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese & Indonesian.

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